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Quince Liqueur35cl - 18% ABV.


Made using the Vranga and Meecher’s Prolific varieties these rare and fragrant fruits are a related to pears and apples. With a soft ‘honey’ nose Quince Liqueur is a delicious British alternative to dessert wine.


The rare fragrant fruits used to make this liqueur 
are related to pears and apples. Great as
 an aperitif or as an alternative to dessert wine.

With a soft ‘honey’ nose and balanced acidity and sweetness, this liqueur is the perfect accompaniment to strong cheeses.


Variety: Vranga & Meechers
Source: Clay Barn Farm, Essex, UK

The natural acidity and sweetness of this liqueur make it the perfect accompaniment to rich foods and cheeses, while the smoothness and aromas of dates and figs make it an original alternative to a dessert wine.

Strength: 18%
Sweetness: 2/5
Acidity: 4/5
Intensity: 4/5

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