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The Gimlet

The Gimlet Cocktail - Made with 6 O’clock Gin London Dry.

The Gimlet


A classic cocktail with invigorating tartness and refreshing sweetness


*Shop-bought lime cordial is a great way to quickly whip up a tasty Gimlet, however to truly customise your cocktail you’re going to want to make your own.

For the lime cordial

100g sugar
100ml of freshly boiled water
The zest of two limes
1tsp citric acid (can be found in the baking aisle of most supermarkets)

Add the sugar and freshly boiled water to a large glass and mix to dissolve the sugar. Whilst still hot, add the zest of two whole limes and mix again. Let it sit and taste every few minutes, as soon as it starts to taste ‘pithy’ strain and allow to cool. Lastly, add 1 teaspoon of citric acid and mix. The cordial will last for 3 – 4 weeks in the fridge so you can make a larger batch if you’ve got thirsty friends coming round.

For The Gimlet

30ml (1oz) homemade lime cordial
60ml (2oz) 6 O’clock Gin London Dry
Lime peel to garnish

Add the gin and lime cordial to a large glass with plenty of cold ice and stir until cold. Then simply strain into your favorite glass and garnish with lime peel – that’s it you’re done.

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