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Hazy Orange40% ABV


6 O’clock Gin Hazy Orange packs a zingy punch with bright, bold citrus paired with classic botanicals and natural sweetness, perfect for lazy, sun-kissed days.



If you’re looking for a vibrant, mouth-watering gin that celebrates the
sweet citrus flavour of sun-ripened oranges, then look no further!
Having been much requested, this gin has been developed by our Head Distiller
to showcase the fruit’s refreshing juiciness and subtle sharpness.

Drawing on our vast experience of producing some of the best fruit liqueurs in the country,
and using traditional methods, fresh oranges are steeped to create a natural essence
that harnesses both their taste and aroma.

Orange peel is distilled with carefully selected complementary botanicals, led by juniper
and coriander seeds, then blended with the essence for a bold hit of orange.

The natural oils from the fruit have been consciously retained to enhance both the flavour
and mouthfeel; these create our signature ‘haze’.

This Hazy Orange gin is bright, fresh, zingy, slightly sweet, and gently warming;
it’s liquid sunshine!


Bottle Size

70cl with Gift Box, 70cl, 5cl

This gin delivers a bold hit of citrus and an intense orange flavour
that quickly mellows with gentle warmth and a touch of natural sweetness.
The dominant orange is balanced with subtle botanicals that complement
the citrus notes, and further enhanced with natural oils.

For Mixing:

Celebrate the refreshing quality of this juicy-tasting gin by pairing it with a light, neutral premium tonic water.
If tonic’s not your thing, soda water is a great alternative.
Pack your Copa de Balon glass with plenty of ice to keep it cold and maintain the fizz;
those bursting bubbles help to deliver aroma and flavour! Add a twist of orange to garnish.

Looking for something a little fancier?
Fill a glass with ice, add 50ml of Hazy Orange gin, then top up to ¾ full with your favourite prosecco or cava.
Add a generous splash of soda water and a few drops of bitters, and you have a lively summer spritz!
Garnish with an orange wheel and some herbs if you have them – basil, mint, thyme or rosemary work well.

Relax, and enjoy your 6 O’clock Gin. Cheers!

Being British, we enjoy gin and tonic at 6 O’clock; a tradition still shared by gin-lovers all over the world.
After all, it’s always 6 O’clock somewhere.



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