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News Category: Gin

  • The 6 O’clock Gin Negroni - learn to make this classic cocktail

    Happy Birthday Count de Negroni – We Salute You!

    Ah, the Negroni cocktail – the drink that has been the surprise hit of the past decade and is now de rigueur on any cocktail list worth its salt. But did you know that the drink has a fascinating history behind it? Today, we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Pascal-Olivier de Negroni de …

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  • World Water Day with 6 O'clock Gin London Dry

    A Deep Dive into Water 💧

    It’s World Water Day today [see below], and we’re taking a deep dive into the important role that water plays in the production of all of our gins. We’ll discover how this most vital ingredient not only enhances the smoothness of 6 O’clock Gin, but also how we work to ensure that our water is …

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  • Gin Pouches – Kinder To The Environment

    Here at 6 O’clock Gin, we’re always on the lookout for new ways in which we can improve our processes, products and packaging in order to be kinder on the environment. We’ve always been a forward-thinking company, and our entire business started this way over 30 years ago. Edward and Penny (our founders) started creating …

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  • The 6 O’clock Gin Pink Lady

    This is a brilliant twist on the classic White Lady gin cocktail. The addition of Cider Brandy, and a spoonful of Grenadine really does make a difference, and the egg white gives it a wonderfully light and fluffy texture. Treat your loved one to the gift of gin this Valentines day!

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  • 6 O’clock Gin Love Potion ♥

    Here is a Valentine’s cocktail to help you say, to that special someone in your life, those all-important magical words: I love drinking with you.

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  • Winter Cocktails – The Brunel Mac

    This exotic spiced juniper twist on a classic Whisky Mac is a real winter warmer, and it’s so simple to make! Our exotic Brunel Edition is full of all kinds of wonderful spicy notes, and it pairs beautifully with the rich sweetness of Ginger Wine. Give it a go and bring some pep to your …

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  • Winter Cocktails – The Festive Martini

    We love a good Martini here at 6 O’clock Gin HQ – and we’re partial the odd bit of festive cheer too! To get into the party spirit, we’d like to suggest a small Christmas twist for your next round of Martini’s! Orange bitters really do go so well with our Strikingly Smooth 6 O’clock …

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  • Winter Cocktails – Cranberry Christmas Punch

    Here’s another fabulous hands-off way to serve drinks at your Christmas party, and one that’s full of festive cheer. Dig out the triffle bowl, give it a dust down and make it the centrepiece of your gin flavoured celebrations this Christmas.

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  • 6 O’clock Gin in your Ginvent Calendar?

    Has anyone been lucky enough to be given a Gin Foundry ‘Ginvent’ calendar this year then? If so, you’ll be delighted to hear that there’s a bottle of 6 O’clock Gin lurking in there… let’s just say it’s behind a door with a very apt number! They’ll be lots of related activities going on throughout …

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